The Monk

A reporter was looking for a human interest story and he decided to stop in at the local monastery. The head monk was thrilled to have him there.

The reporter asked "what do you do here in the day, how do you spend your time."

The head monk took him into a very large room, all the monks in the monastery where in here writing. The monk said "we live the scripture. In order to know it, we copy it down by hand over and over."

The reporter noticed that they were copying each others notes, he asked about the originals.

The monk said, "we don't what to over handle the original manuscripts. The first monks in the order copied it, and we copy those."

The reporter asked, "how do you know what you are writing is accurate.?"

The monk said, "oh the originals are in the vault, we can check them when necessary. Let me show you. Brother John, could you please take your copies down to the vault and verify them against the original manuscripts."

Brother John did. But he did not return. After a few hours, they went looking for him. They found him sitting on the floor in the vault, crying.

"Brother John, what is wrong" they asked.

Brother John looked up through his tears and said

"the word is celebrate."