GEO 100 - Earth, The Human HomeName ____________________
Fall 2004Date _____________________


Multiple Choice: Select the letter identifying the "best' answer on your answer sheet (2 pts each).
  1. Swahili (Jambo) is a ___________ used in ___________.
  2. For most of the past 2000 years, most Jews have been:
  3. Some think the most important cultural variable is:
  4. Which language family is associated with Chinese?
  5. Which of the following is NOT one of the three components of technology talked about in class.
  6. Jerusalem is a sacred place for all EXCEPT:
  7. Buddhism is based on:
  8. Adherents of which religion are also likely to believe in other religions simultaneously?
  9. Isoglosses are:
  10. Globalism can be distinguished by:
  11. ____________ is of first importance in the Jewish religion:
  12. Which of the following is a Romance language:
  13. Animism:
  14. In the Taoist view of nature, nature is:
  15. The two major religions originating in India are:
  16. Ellen Semple believed that people in Kentucky were long, lean, and not too bright because she was a/an:
  17. Of the great polytheistic faiths, _______________ is the oldest.
  18. The religion with the greatest number of adherents is:
  19. "Laker Country" is a type of ____________________ region:
  20. All of the following are proselytizing religions EXCEPT:
  21. The last part of the Wolof greeting in West Africa is:
  22. Cultural ecology is how people:
  23. Catholic churches can be identified by their:
  24. Religion is credited for all EXCEPT:
  25. Which is NOT one of the five pillars of Islam:
  26. A cultural landscape is:
  27. U.S. English differs from that of Ebonies in:
  28. A lingua franca is:
  29. Globalization includes all BUT:
  30. Approximately __________ percent of the world's scientific computer programmmg is in English.
True-False: Place an 'A' on your answer sheet for statements that are true and a 'B' on your answer sheet for answers
that are false.

'A' - True
'B' - False
  1. Pidgin is a small vocabulary created from one language to permit limited communication.

  2. Dialects may have different pronunciation and vocabulary, but ARE mutually intelligible.

  3. Islam was founded by Muhammad and uses the Koran as its holy book.

  4. Graffiti is considered a part of the linguistic landscape.

  5. The way nature is perceived changes over time.

  6. Race is a problematic classification of human beings based on skin color and other physical characteristics.

  7. The Church of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) is not Christian religion.

  8. The once in a lifetime trip to Mecca for Muslims is called the pilgrimage.

  9. The Islamic religion originated near the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

  10. The combination of traits characteristic of a particular group is called a cultural complex.

  11. Geolinguistics is the geographic study of language.

  12. There are over 800 million Chinese speakers.

  13. The former ceremonial only language revived for use in the twentieth century is Hebrew.

  14. Everyone agrees that English and Ebonies are the same language.

  15. Traditional Sikh buildings are pagodas.

  16. The spatial dispersion of a group outside their traditional homeland is called a diaspora.

  17. There are no more than 3000 languages worldwide.

  18. The Bible Belt is a well defined region with clear cut borders.

  19. The "P" in I = PAT stands for power.

  20. Nature is a social and physical construct.