Fall 2004
25 pointsDue: November 18, 2004

Critical Thinking Exercise

List 3 musicians from two different types of music you listen to. For instance, rap and hip-hop, country western and pop/rock, blues and jazz, Chicago jazz and Dixie Land jazz. Number the artists from 1 - 6, name them, and list their type of music.

  1. Shania Twain - country western
  2. Toby Keith - country western
  3. Willy Nelson - country western
  4. Kid Rock - pop/rock

2) Using the 6 artists you listed above, develop a clear distinction between the two types of music by defining what it takes to be one or the other. Test your definition. For example, be sure that all rappers fit the 'rapper' definition, and all hip-hoppers fit the 'hip-hopper' definition. Write your complete definition of a rap artist and your complete definition of a hip-hop artist.

3) Is there an example of anyone who fits both definitions? If yes, who? If you find someone who fits both definitions, refine your definitions until the artist is placed clearly in one category or another. Write your new definition of a rap artist and/or hip-hop artist.

4) Find the geographical locations for all of the artists you listed above. Write their geographic origin next to their names. Using the attached map, indicate where each artist is from using the number you assigned them in number I. If the attached map is not sufficient, copy a map from another source and include it with the assignment.

5) Is there a relationship between geographical location and being a rapper, a country western singer, or a classical musician? If so, describe the relationship. If not, explain why geography, or location has no impact on artistic style. Can the same be said of all music? In other words, do all types of music have geographic origins, or do different types of music not have geographic origins. Use at least two examples in your answer.