GEO1OO Earth, The Human Home
Dr. Rodrick A. Hay
Extra Credit Assignments

Cultural Events

Extra Credit Points
There is an opportunity for 5 extra credit points by attending and writing your impressions of cultural events. Each event is worth 5 points, and you may do up to five of them for a total of 25 points.

Cultural Event
This class is about cultural geography. Culture is a learned set of practices and values that are identified and perceived across the landscape. Culture has many forms and impacts many variables such as agriculture, politics, language, ethnicity, urban space, folk culture, popular culture. Culture is depicted in art, dance, sports, design, architecture, theater, food, festivals, religious gatherings, dress, and more. These extra credit assignments are to encourage you to participate in cultural events like these, that you have no experience in. Pick an event yon have never gone to, or wish to learn more about. The local papers are a great source for what is happening around town. While attending the activity, think about what is happening. What are the "roots" of the activity? What groups traditionally participated in this type of endeavor (or is it current "pop" culture)? There are a broad range of possibilities for this assignment.

Turn in a 1-2 page type written paper on the event, 10-12 pt font (like this handout), double spaced. Include what the event was about, what you felt was interesting, and why it was cultural. A token of the event must be attached to the paper (e.g. the tickets for the event, an event flyer, etc.)

The write up should be turned in within one week of the event and no more than one event may be submitted per week. If you are not sure whether an event will count for this extra credit, see me before attending.