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  • Smith & Wesson

    • Model 915 9mm

      • picture of 9mm handgun picture of 9mm handgun
      • Serial #: TYF3775
      • Caliber: 9mm
      • Barrel: 4"
      • Color: Black-matt
      • Product Code: 104792
      • Store: Lawrence Guns
      • Date: 1992-05-06
      • Price: 449.99
      • Bar Code: TYF3775 10479 22114
    • M&P-15 (AR 15 Assault Rifle)

      • image of ar15
      • image of ar15 modified for new CA laws
      • image of ar15 with new 20 inch upper
      • SKU: 811038
      • Serial #: SP 09980
      • Caliber: 5.56mm NATO
      • Barrel: 16"
      • Color: Black
      • Length: 32.5" - 36"
      • Weight: 6.5 lbs / 2,948.4 g
      • Barrel Material: 4140 Steel
      • Store: Sharpshooter
      • Date: 2012-03-03
      • Price: $750.00
      • Bar Code: 0 22188 14568 7
      • Web Sight: Smith & Wesson M & P 15
      • 2018-08-21: 20" upper from "Gun Compensator"
        • $300
        • New iron sights, $20.
      • Ammo: 5.56 x 45mm NATO
        • 55 Grain FMJ (full metal jacket)
        • M193 Ball ammo
        • muzel velocity 3165 FPS
        • .223 caliber
      • Rear Sights: Magpul MBUS
        magpul rear sight mbus sights

    missing image of red dot sight
    • SKU TG8360B
      • Dual-color reticle illumination (red and green).
      • Four different reticle designs.
      • 5 Brightness settings in both colors.
      • Water and shock resistant.
      • Click windage and elevation adjustment.
      • 24x34mm window for ultra-fast target acquisition.
      • Anti-reflection coating on target side.
      • Parallax free from 30 yards.
      • Integrated Weaver-style mounting system.
      • Lifetime Limited Warranty.
    • Batteries: CR2032 / 2032
      battery image battery image battery image
  • .223 Remington 5.56 Nato Aluminum Cartridge Laser Boresighter

    missing laser bore sight image missing laser bore sight image
    • ($11.65)
    • Batteries: LR41 / 392
      missing lr41 image missing lr41 image
      (3 @ $5.79 ea)


      Walker's Game Ear, the shooting and hunting industry pioneer in hearing protection, introduces the Ultimate Power Muff with 5x hearing enhancement. The Ultimate Power Muff has two Hi Gain Omni directional microphones that enhance sound detection. They are frequency tuned for natural sound clarity. The recessed volume AFT (Adjustable Frequency Tuning) control knobs allow the user to tune the muff to the frequency position that best matches the user's hearing. The independent volume control permits the hunter the ability to dial each side of the muff to a comfortable sound level for each ear. The Ultimate Power Muff's sound activated compression circuit has a reaction time of 0.02 seconds and through the use of new sound dampening composite material it features an unmatched noise reduction rating of 27dB. The Ultimate Power Muff has a folding compact design, low profile ear cups and incorporates a comfortable headband with a metal frame for increased durability. The sound dampening composite housing aids in the protection against harsh noises that can damage hearing. The Ultimate Power Muff is available in black and operates on two included "AAA" batteries.

      • Two Hi Gain Omni Directional Microphones with Low Noise/Frequency tuned for natural sound clarity
      • Independent Volume Control and Independent Adjustable Frequency Tuning
      • Compact Folding Design, Comfort headband w/metal wire frame and Low Profile Ear Cups
      • Sound dampening composite housing, NRR 27dB and Sound Activated Compression - 0.02 second reaction time
      • Recessed Volume/AFT Control Knobs, External Battery Door and Operates on 2 "AAA" batteries included
      image of Walker's Ultimate Power Muffs
    • Champion Logo

      Ear Muffs–Electronic

      Enjoy safe shooting with new sound dampening ear muffs from Champion®. These comfortable, stylish muffs provide superior hearing protection while remaining light and comfortable for the shooter. Available in either standard or electronic versions, they reduce harmful noise levels and provide a comfortable fit for those long days of shooting. Don't let your shooting passion damage your hearing–rely on Champion protection when at the range or in the field.

      Features & Benefits

      • Available in both standard and electronic offerings
      • Noise reduction for superior auditory protection
      • Collapsible for easy storage
      • Adjustable for best fit
      • Electronic muffs to amplify quiet sounds and protect against harmful noise levels (NRR 25dB)
      • The higher the NRR number associated with a hearing protector, the greater the potential for noise reduction.
      image of Champion Ear Muffs
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