From: Jeff Damon
Date: 11/12/2002 7:14 PM
Subject: Grizzley

Record Grizzley Bear

The attached pictures are of a guy who works for the forest service in Alaska. He was out deer hunting. A large...large world record Griz charged him from about 50 yards away. The guy unloaded a 7mm Mag Semi-auto into the bear and it dropped a few feet from him. The thing was still alive so he reloaded and capped it in the head.

It was over one thousand six hundred pounds, 12'6" high at the shoulder standing up. It's a world record. The bear had killed a couple of other people. Of course, the game department did not let him keep it.

Think about it. This thing on it's hind legs could walk up to the average single story house and could look on the roof at eye level.

jpeg: really big grizzly jpeg: really big grizzly

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