Most of my Descendents at the Grand Canyon 2024-06-20 (one inlaw snuck in there).

2024-06-20.descendents/jpg Andrew 11-1/2 yrs Oliver 2021 School Picture Avery 2021 School Picture Ben 10th Grade

WELCOME TO JIM'S WEB PAGE. Click on one of the links above. These will open another menu which will lead to a web document or another menu.

You can also just look at my grand kids, which I do a lot of.

This page is coming from a computer in my living room. It's for my amusement and possibly as a resume if I ever decide to go to work again.

I'm using a linux operating system, apache web server, mysql database, php scripting language, raw html, and java.

Ten years after I started this web page it was decided that java isn't safe and was deactiveted in all internet browsers. The java doesn't work. I really like java so I haven't removed it, in hopes that it can be restored some day. Sorry.

If you find this sight difficult to use, if you find something broken, or if you just have general comments, please let me know. E-mail to

The end.

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