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The HurricaneTM HPV dual Mini Pump offers two inflation modes. Use the high volume mode (Hv) for quick inflation of MTB tires and for initial inflation of rode tires. Use the high pressure mode (Hp) to inflate road tires to full pressure.

  1. Remove dust cap from tire valve. For Presta valves, unscrew metal locking barrel at timp of valve.
  2. Depress tip of either type valve to ensure valve doesn't stick and to blow out any dirt or contaminants.
  3. Open pump handle (A) and turn piston shaft (B) two "clicks" clockwise until "Hv" is aligned with one of the red arrows at end of pump. See Figure 1. This is high volume mode.
  4. Press the dual Presta/Schraeder pump head (C) onto tire valve stem as far as it will go, and lift locking lever (D) to "locked" position as shown in Figure 2.
  5. Inflate tire to desired pressure. When inflation becomes difficult, close pump and turn piston shaft two "clicks" counterclockwise until "Hp" is aligned with both red arrows at end of pump barrel. See Figure 3. This is high pressure mode.
  6. Do not inflate tire beyond maximum recommended inflation pressure listed on tire sidewall. Once desired tire pressure is reached, release locking lever and remove pump head from valve stem.
  7. For Presta valves, screw down locking barrel at valve tip. Replace valve stem dust cap.
  8. To lock pump for storage or transport, turn piston shaft two "clicks" counterclockwise until "Hp" is sligned with both red arrows at end of pump barrel and then close handle.
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