• ROTEL RX-975 AM/FM Stereo Reciever Station Presets
    1. The RX-975 can store up to 30 station presets.
    2. Tune to the desired station, AM or FM.
    3. Press the MEMORY button on the front panel. A MEMORY indicator will flash for five seconds in the front panel display.
    4. While the MEMORY indicator is flashing, press the number of the preset where you wish to store the station frequency.
    5. To memorize preset 15, press the 1 button followed by the 5 button.
  • ROTEL RR-949 Remote Controll
    1. Turn on the component/device you wish to memorize.
    2. Press the corresponding DEVICE button and the Mute button at the same time, for at least one second. The DEVICE button will light and stay lit for 20 seconds.
    3. Point the RR-949 at the component and
      1. Enter the 3-digit code (001 for Rotel Receiver). The DEVICE button will flash each time you enter a digit. If you enter the right code the device will turn off.
      2. Press and hold the CH UP or CH DOWN. This sends a succession of Power ON/OFF signals. Stop pressing as soon as the component turns off, signifying you have found the right code.
    4. Press the DEVICE button to store the code. The button will blink twice, confirmation.
    5. Test the remote. Repeat until you find the right code (some devices have multiple code options).
    • NOTE: The device flashes when you press a command. The Audio button doesn't always flash when the volume buttons are pushed. That's why they don't always work.
    1. Turn on the component/device you wish to memorize.
    2. Press the corresponding DEVICE button.
    3. Press and hold the SET button until the LED LIGHT flashes twice.
      1. Enter the programming code from the manual. If the code is accepted The LED flashes twice. If the LED does not, repeat for the next code. Point the remote at the devices and turn it off.
      2. Press 9 1 1. The LED flashes twice. Point the remote at the component and alternate between the POWER button and the component button until the component turns off. If not, clear component button and repeat
    • Codes for VIZIO SC421XVT
      • 000, 047, 050, 067, 329, 331, 339
      • 11758, 10178
      • 1758, 0178
      • 627
    • See PDF or "Asst Household", "Time Warner Cable Box".

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