• 2013-03-16
    • MB = megabytes, Mb = megabits.
    • I have a gigabit (125MB/s) switch but network doesn't run at gigabit speeds. The router is 100Mb/s (12.5MB/s) and assigns all IPs. I want to see if the speed is limited by the router, as if all data must go through it. Today I set the IPs on the computers and removed the router. The speeds did not change.
      • eCenter 1Tb to MASTER: 11.2MB/s
      • MASTER to eCenter 2Tb: 11.2MB/s
      • MASTER to guest_computer: 22.3MB/s
      • MASTER to spareP3: 7.6MB/s
    • Whoops, I'm only getting 100Mbit/s (12.5MB/s) to eCenter. I checked with the ethernet card in eCenter.
  • Test File:
    • cloudAtlas_01.mkv
    • 19,448,323,008 bytes
FromToTimeRateAdvertised Rate
Hard Drive Transfer Rates
eCenter sdbeCenter sda8:1839 MB/s
eCenter sdaeCenter sdb7:1744 MB/s
eCenter sdbeCenter sdb12:1426 MB/s Ext 300MB/s Int 130MB/s
eCenter sdaeCenter sda6:3948 MB/s Ext 600MB/s Int 126MB/s
MASTERMASTER5:5654.5 MB/s Ext 600MB/s Int 126MB/s
guest_computerguest_computer15:0121.6 MB/s3Gb/s
spareP3spareP315:3020.9 MB/sExternal 100MB/s
Network Transfer Rates
MASTEReCenter sda4:1173.9 MB/s
eCenter sdaMASTER4:3567.4 MB/s
MASTEReCenter sdb5:1059.8 MB/s
eCenter sdbMASTER5:2756.7 MB/s
MASTERguest_computer15:0820.4 MB/s
guest_computerMASTER14:2121.5 MB/s
MASTERspareP339:527.8 MB/s
spareP3MASTER39:077.9 MB/s
guest_computerspareP339:017.9 MB/s
spareP3guest_computer39:557.7 MB/s
  • 2013-03-17
    • Now I want to see if the speed is limited by the transfer rate on the hard drives.
      • Across the same hard drive. That means seek time.
        • MASTER: 55.2MB/s
        • guest_computer: 21MB/s
        • eCenter 1Tb: 51.2MB/s
        • eCenter 2Tb: 25MB/s
      • From hard drive to hard drive on the same computer, no seek time.
        • eCenter: 43.2MB/s
        1Tb hard drive is twice as fast as 2Tb hard drive. The 2Tb is refilling the buffer as 1Tb writes.
      • The only place I get set of numbers to compare is the guest_computer. Transfers from network are 22MB/s, across the hard drive 21MB/s. That accounts for seek time.
  • 2013-03-17
    • New problem. eCenter had a bad cable. Now the transfer rates are
      • Master to 1Tb: 72.7MB/s
      • Master to 2Tb: 61.8MB/s
      I have no idea.
  • Hardware
    • Internet: 10Mb/s down, 1Mb/s up.
    • Modem: Time Warner ARRIS Model DG860A
    • Router: Trendnet TW100-BRF114 4 port 100Mb/s
    • Wireless Router: TP-LINK AC 1750
    • Switch: ENCORE ENHGS-800X3 8 port gigabit switch
    • Each computer has a gigabit ethernet card or LAN chip.

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